1 Lux vs Lumen
2 Beam Patterns
3 VIDEO: How tough are the Lightforce Lights?
4 Lux Ratings Chart / Distance Reading Chart
5 Just how good are these Lightforce Lights?
6 What are the SPOT, COMBO, WIDE ANGLE and DISPERSION spreads?
7 What is an Adjustable Light?
8 Lightforce Genesis: Anti-theft kit options
9 Lightforce Genesis: What is the 4 position base mount?
10 Lightforce Genesis: What does Spot & Wide mean?
11 What is LUX?
12 Are LIGHTFORCE lights legal on my vehicle?
13 Can I install and wire the lights myself?
14 Why is a LIGHTFORCE halogen bulb so bright compared to other brands?
15 Do you make an HID with a really blue or purple output? I want the brightest light!
16 Are LIGHTFORCE lights suitable for ATV’s, motorbikes, snowmobiles etc?
17 What makes the LIGHTFORCE 240 HID so special compared to others?
18 Every driving light I have ever seen gets water inside it. What about LIGHTFORCE?
19 Is the LIGHTFORCE light I buy the same as you sell to the off-road race community?
20 Tell me about this modular filter system? They look like they are just a plastic cover? Surely they will just shatter or crack with a severe impact?
21 I have a 130 watt bulb in my light. How can a LIGHTFORCE light be any brighter? What do you mean by rating your light output by LUX?
22 I’ve heard plastic lights vibrate off-road and fatigue in the sun or extreme cold?
23 Surely a plastic light can’t be as strong as a metal one? So it’s lightweight. What’s the advantage of that?